Meeting – March 13th, 2007

Because of a small turnout due to the weather last month the election for the Board of Directors will be held this month.
The Michigan User Group is managed by a group of people we call the Board of Directors. Each year, MUG Members have the opportunity to cast their votes for the 6 people we’d like to see on the board. This is your chance to either run for a position on the board, or vote for the people you would most like to see on the board.

At this time, the following people have been nominated:

Brown, Duane Accepted
Castro, Jorge declined
Glutting, Jim Accepted
Harding, Rick Accepted New
McQuillan, Jim Accepted
Nichols, Gibson Accepted New
Satwicz, Dave Accepted
Williams, Dick Accepted

The nomination period is still open and will remain open until just before the election on Tuesday evening, Feb 13, 2007. If you would like to nominate someone, including yourself, please send an email to stating who you’d like to nominate.

Main Topic: NX from NoMachine
Our speaker is: *_Ryan Kather_*

Quoting the NoMachine website “NoMachine NX is a Terminal Server and Remote Access solution based on a comprising set of enterprise class open source technologies.”

Ryan is an IT professional who believes that the free flow of information benefits the global society. Ryan has been using open source and Linux for over 5 years and has contributed to the following OSS projects:

  • ORPP ( – Open Robotics Peripheral Platform
  • Gaim – Gaim multi-protocol instant messenging client
  • GASH ( – GAim SHell perl plugin for Gaim
  • CPR Backup ( – NetWare-centric backup facility with Rsync, Cron, and Perl

Secondary Topic: SSH
Our speaker is: *_Flavio daCosta_*

Using SSH for more than logging on to remote machines.

Things we’ve asked Flavio to cover (and then some):

  1. Creating SSH tunnels (How and Why)
  2. X-Forwarding
  3. Compression
  4. Choosing cyphers
  5. ssh key management – creating & using keys, agents, and verifying host fingerprints, etc.
  6. Remote shell scripts via ssh, this has been a topic of interest on the mdlug list. Flav’s tips and tricks for running commands