Meeting – May 8th, 2007

Main Topic: Mark Shuttleworth

Jim McQuillan will be in Seville, Spain From May 2nd through the 12th, for the Ubuntu Education Summit (UES) and the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS). We’ll be doing a live remote MUG presentation from Seville. This will be live 2-way interactive Audio AND Video. We’ve worked out the technology and we’re pretty sure that we are ready to give this a try.

Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu founder and Cosmonaut) has agreed to take part in this presentation. He’ll talk about Ubuntu, Space and whatever else he pleases. This’ll be a great chance to ask him some questions.

In addition to Mark, we’ll have some other Ubuntu developers, and we’ll pick their brains about what’s coming up in the next release of Ubuntu, the process that the Ubuntu team uses to create a release, and maybe they’ll tell us a bit about the deal with Dell agreeing to bundle Ubuntu Linux on some of their desktop and laptop computers.

Keep in mind that Spain is 6 hours ahead of Detroit, so it’ll be very late there when we hook up and do the presentation. We hope to get Mark’s part of the session going quickly, so please try to be at the meeting BEFORE 6:30pm next Tuesday.

This will be the first time we’ve tried doing a remote session with video. It’s impossible to tell how the audio and video quality will be, until we actually get there and do it. We’ll be testing the connection very well before the meeting, so hopefully, we’ll have it all tuned up perfectly, and everything will come out great.

This should be a great meeting and it will give us a chance to show that the Metro Detroit area has a strong technological group. One that we can all be proud of.

Additional Topic: PostgreSQL 8.2 what’s new
Our speaker is: Billy G. Allie

Bill has given many MUG presentations over the years, this month we’re happy to have him give us a review of what is new in PostgreSQL 8.2.