Meeting – July 10th, 2007

eDiscovery, Intrusion detection, and stories from an FBI Special Agent

Our speaker is: Richard Rytman Managing director of Technical Services and Legal Counsel at Veritas Global.

Mr. Rytman will talk to us about something called eDiscovery and changes in the law, where it is going, how it will effect corporate compliance and/or document retention policies as it relates to electronically stored information (ESI), and the problems that will naturally be associated with the rule. He’ll offer recommendations on how to avoid the pitfalls, or at least minimize the nuisance level, caused by the rule and its implementation by lawyers and judges with little to no IT background.

Additionally, He’ll cover computer intrusion crimes, or hacking, including best practices for defending against a hacker/virus/worm etc. He’ll ask (and hopefully answer) the following questions:

  • If your system is hacked, do you know what to do?
  • What procedures and policies are in place to deal with the situation that will best minimize loss but also preserve evidence at the same time?
  • Under what circumstances should you contact law enforcement (which one and who) and what to expect if you do (i.e., the whole legal process involved from A to Z).
  • Do you have a duty to report a hacker?

Finally, if there’s still time at the end, he’ll share some war stories from his time with the FBI and give us a chance to ask some questions.

About the speaker:

Mr. Rytman is a former Special Agent with the FBI. He is a certified Technical Trained Agent (TTA), a small select group of highly trained agents whose responsibilities include supporting case agents in the field through the use and deployment of a variety of sensitive electronic surveillance equipment and methods via covert technical operations.

Prior to being selected for the TTA program, Mr. Rytman was the lead investigator for the Cyber Crimes Squad in the State of Michigan. His primary areas of responsibility included investigating federal computer intrusion crimes and presenting to various computer security groups, business executives and system administrators on the topic of computer security and related legal issues. He helped form the first cyber crime squad in Detroit and successfully investigated many complex computer intrusion crimes on both a national and international level.

While at the FBI Mr. Rytman was also a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, where he was responsible for gathering intelligence and building complex criminal cases against various terrorist organizations operating within the United States.

Mr. Rytman was also a certified legal advisor and firearms instructor for the FBI and has served as a member of the Detroit FBI SWAT Team. He also served in the United States Navy in the intelligence arena as well as in the United States Army Reserves as a Combat Engineer Platoon Leader.

Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. Rytman was an Assistant District Attorney. He is a member of both the Wisconsin and Michigan State Bar.

That’s an awful lot of stuff to cover in one meeting, so we’ll need to make sure we get started on time. I think this is a unique opportunity for us to get an inside look at the legalities and intricacies of the industry that we’re all a part of, from someone who’s got the experience to talk about it.