Meeting – November 13, 2007

Main Topic: One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Ivan Krstić – Director of Security Architecture for the OLPC project

Ivan’s Google Tech Talk from April 12, 2007

This month we have a fantastic opportunity to see what OLPC is all about from a member of the OLPC team.

Ivan is a software architect and researcher currently on leave from Harvard University. Prior to joining OLPC, he served as director of research at the Medical Informatics Laboratory at Zagreb Children’s Hospital, developing software infrastructure for wide-scale digital healthcare. He is deeply involved in open-source and free software, notably as an administrator of the Ubuntu Server Team and co-author of the best-selling Official Ubuntu Book, and specializes in architecture and security of large distributed systems. He has consulted on both matters for some of the largest websites on the Internet.

Ivan will share with us insights into the OLPC project that you just can’t get anywhere else. He’s prepared to tell us about the technology, security, science and anything else we want to know about the project.

Ivan is traveling from Cambridge, MA to Detroit specifically to be at our meeting. This is our chance fill the auditorium and show Ivan how strong the open source community is in south east Michigan.