Meeting – November 9th, 2010

Main Topic: Linux gaming

Fun and Games with Craig Maloney

Think Linux gaming is Frozen Bubble and Quake clones? Think
again. Craig will show some of the more recent games available
for Linux, with a quick demo of each of them.

Secondary Topic: The new MUG web site.

Will Fuqua has been working on bringing the MUG web site out of the 80’s. He’ll show off state of nation, um site. While he’s at it we can also pick his brain about what he’s using to make it happen.

Command of the month: netstat

Did you ever want to know what network connections are active on your system? How about knowing what services are listening, waiting for incoming connections?
In this month’s Unix Command Line session *_Jim Glutting_* will give us an introduction to netstat. An extremely useful tool for seeing what’s happening on your network.