Next Meeting – Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Stranger in a Strange Land (UNIX Survival under Windows)

We all know that UNIX and Linux are a great place to get things done, but some of us have to spend our darker days slaving away in the dark, dank mines of Windows machines. OK, maybe it’s not so melodramatic, but there are times when we’ve been found wanting something more UNIX-like in the Windows shell. Will Fuqua will lead the discussion about some of the tools for how to use UNIX Utils, PuTTY, Private key management, a little about Cygwin, and how to integrate git on Windows. Bring your tips and tricks for how to work with UNIX-like utilities under Windows.

Stranger in a Not-so strange land (UNIX Survival under Mac OS)

With a growing number of people using Mac OS, it’s only fitting that we also show how a Linux/Unix user can survive on Mac OS. It’s really not that hard, considering Mac OS is based on BSD UNIX. Wolf will be here showing us how to get the most out of Mac OS X. Wolf has given us several presentations in the past and they’re always insightful and entertaining.

Command of the Moment

We’re trying something new with the Command of the Month. We’ll pick some UNIX commands at random and ask folks to take 5-10 minutes to discuss them. A list of the commands we’ll be picking from is available here.

And of course we’ll have some of the other great features you’ve come to enjoy at our meetings, including current events and Job/People seekers.

Hope to see you there!


Just another random Linux user