February 9th 2021 – MUG Meeting

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February 9th 2021 - MUG Meeting

Regular MUG Meeting

We meet at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month. Come participate at https://jitsi.decafbad.net/mugmeeting2021.

Topics Include:

A Mature Wine 

Ever thought "I wish there was a clean way to run WIndows software on a non-Windows machine without requiring a Windows license". If you have then Wine is a solution. Wine is a compatibility layer for Windows applications and games to run on Linux and Macintosh systems. Jeremy will present an update on the current state of Wine.  It will cover what has changed since his last MUG talk in 2006, and what you can expect from Wine as a user, and what you can hope for in the future. Subjects will include Valve's Proton, CodeWeavers CrossOver, and some ruminations about 15 years of Linux and the fight to run a Free Software company for an extended period of time. 

Jeremy White is the founder and CEO of CodeWeavers, Inc., the corporate sponsor of the open source Wine Project. The Wine project provides Windows compatibility for UNIX like systems, including Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS. He has contributed code to many open source initiatives, including Wine, the Linux kernel, X.Org, the Spice project, and many others. He served on the formation board for X.Org and was a founding member of the Linux Desktop Consortium. 

Plus we'll have our regular features: Jobs Looking for People, People Looking for Jobs, and much more!

February 9th, 2021 6:30 PM through  8:45 PM