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Meeting – March 8th, 2011

Main Topic: Creating a Podcast Craig Maloney will give us another of his awesome presentations. Ever thought about podcasting, but not sure where to start? Craig Maloney will demonstrate how he puts together his audio podcast “Open Metalcast”, using Ubuntu

Meeting – February 8th, 2011

Main Topic: Agile CMMI: Driving Radical Change in your organization Why do we resist change? Why is “process” a dirty word in software development? Why can’t you just leave me alone so I can write software? In an industry that

Meeting – January 11th, 2011

New Location! Command of the month: netcat Dave Satwicz will be covering the netcat command this month. Netcat is often referred to as a “Swiss-army knife for TCP/IP.” Its list of features includes port scanning, transferring files, and port listening,

Meeting – December 14th, 2010

LAST meeting at this location! Starting with the January 2011 the MUG meetings will be held at: Engineering Society of Detroit 20700 Civic Center Drive Fourth floor, Suite 450 Southfield, MI 48076 Main Topic: LinuxTV Devin Heitmueller will be talking

Meeting – November 9th, 2010

Main Topic: Linux gaming Fun and Games with Craig Maloney Think Linux gaming is Frozen Bubble and Quake clones? Think again. Craig will show some of the more recent games available for Linux, with a quick demo of each of

Meeting – October 12th, 2010

Main Topic: VMware Robert J Tessanne Jr, Senior Systems Architect/Engineer at Red Level Networks, will be discussing Virtualization utilizing the VMware vSphere product and Storage Virtualization using !DataCore technologies. Because centralized storage is the key to a successful virtualization project,

Meeting – September 14th, 2010

Main Topic: DD-WRT DD-WRT is a Linux based solution designed to replace the firmware that ships pre-installed for several wireless routers, most notably the Linksys WRT54G (including the WRT54GL and WRT54GS). Scott Moser will give an overview and demonstration, hopefully

Meeting – August 10th, 2010

Meeting Topic: Small, Local Server Network Administration, What, How, and Why If you ever go to set up a small local server, even for home use, there are many items that need to be attended to. We will touch on

Meeting – July 29th, 2010


Meeting – January 8th, 2008

Topic: Lightening Talks RSS – Rick Harding WiMax – Gib (Gibson Nichols) MythTV – Chris Something – Mark Ramm XO computer – Dave Satwitz, Jim Gluting cellular internet – tell us your experiences LaunchPad – Rick Harding may be standing