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Meeting – February 13th, 2007

Election for the Board of Directors The Michigan User Group is managed by a group of people we call the _Board of Directors_. Each year, MUG Members have the opportunity to cast their votes for the 6 people we’d like

Meeting – January 9th, 2007

Election for MUG board of directors in February! It’s time once again for the election of the members of the board of directors of the Michigan!/usr/group. Nominations are now being accepted and the election will be held at the February

Meeting – December 12th, 2006

Main Topic: Linux Powered Office Infrastructure Here is the situation. Someone that you know, your brother-in-law, your cousin, your minister, your …., well someone, wants to setup a back office computing operation for a small business, or an organization, or

Meeting – November 14th, 2006

Main Topic: The State of Wine Our speaker is: Jeremy White. Jeremy is the founder and CEO of CodeWeavers, the primary corporate supporter of the Wine Project. Wine allows applications written for the Windows ™ operating system to run (unmodified)

Meeting – October 10th, 2006

Main Topic: The Linux Crystal Ball Our speaker is: Marcel Gagne Gather around and gaze into Marcel’s Linux crystal ball for a peek at the future. What’s going on? What does it mean? Where are we all going? And what

Meeting – September 12th, 2006

First Topic: PHP 5 The presenter will be: Rick Harding (Rick’s presentation) Rick is a System Administrator/Web Developer for MSU Flint Area Medical Education where he’s been using PHP for almost 4 years. He will be discussing the new object

Meeting – August 8th, 2006

Main Topic: Jabber Jorge Castro will be giving us an overview of Jabber. Jabber is best known as “the Linux of instant messaging” — an open, secure, ad-free alternative to consumer IM services like AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. Under

Meeting – July 11th, 2006

First Topic: Backup PC Flavio DaCosta will tell us about BackupPC. From their website “BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux and WinXX PCs and laptops to a server’s disk. BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to

Meeting – June 13th, 2006

Aaron Thul will be following up on our presentation from May on clustering addressing clustering with MySQL and PostgreSQL. He’ll cover one and then we’ll take a short break and continue with the other.

Meeting – May 9th, 2006

Main Topic: Red Hat Cluster Suite and the Global File System RHCS and GFS are systems for managing clusters of machines. RHCS is a supporting infrastructure to deploy highly available applications that require failover or load balancing while GFS is