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Getting Started with Kubernetes and the Cloud Native Ecosystem Starring Jorge Castro Video Slides

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Electron in the Real World: Architecture, Capabilities, and Performance Video Pain Points: Fear Video

How Objects Are Stored in Git by Wolf Video Pain Points: That’s not what WHOIS says Video

Android and Raspberry Pi Security System by Ronald Daugherty Video Pain Points Series: Python and Virtualenv By Craig Maloney Video

Unicode Slides Video

Getting Started with the GNU Toolchain Video: Getting Started with the GNU Toolchain by Dr Bob (video) Scheme, Guile, and Racket: an introduction Video Scheme, Guile, and Racket: an Introduction by Craig Maloney Slides Scheme, Guile, and Racket slides and …

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Slides: mug_20170613_postgresql Videos: PostgreSQL Replication and Tablespaces by Jim McQuillan (video)