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Setting up a new mac…

3 months ago I started using OSX full time. Today I found myself setting up a new mac. I wished that I had a checklist of my personal must haves. This is that list. XCode (from AppStore) Firefox Aurora Chrome dev channel EnvyCodeR font iTerm2 (and configure with EnvyCodeR font) twitter (only in AppStore) brew […] Read More »

Storyboard Custom Segue For Custom PushViewController Animation

While there are a lot of google hits when searching for custom pushViewController Animation, I found nothing regarding use of a Custom Segue to make it reusable and I also found a lot of misinformation like “it can’t be done with the default UINavigationController.” It can. From your Button, View, Gesture Recognizer or whatever, instead […] Read More »

Scala 2.9.1 on Fedora 16

yum install scala on Fedora will grab all the dependencies, including a JVM, but its a pretty old scala. Luckily it is pretty easy to install scala-2.9.1 by snagging it from rawhide, but just the RPMS only get you so far. Fedora seems to be changing their JAVA_HOME in 17. A little hack, and you […] Read More »

Ubuntu testdrive networked to your LAN

testdrive uses the -net user feature of kvm by default, which is really cool because it becomes a lan client and magically gets internet via proxy. If you want to test server software, you probably want your testdrive VM directly on the same LAN as your host OS. In my case I already had a […] Read More »

Ubuntu testdrive as a base for a Fedora test

Ubuntu testdrive is AWESOME. In my words, testdrive lets you test the next version of ubuntu in a VM with a single command. testdrive ultimately just creates a disk image and runs a virtual machine for you, lets you step through the install from the nightly CD, and then lets you continue to run that […] Read More »

CodeMash 2012 Changed Me

Every CodeMash has changed me. This CodeMash was no different. I’ve attended every codemash. Each is unique and special. I have memories from each that I can point to and say “This is when I realized…” and it is something significant that changed who I am or what I am doing or how I approach [...] Read More »

OSX /private/var/vm disk usage

TL;DR see last paragraph. I googled around for this answer and found nothing, so THEN I read the man page. This felt backward for OSX answers. My Mac gave me warning that I was almost out of disk space recently. I ran du -kx / | sort -nr | less and noticed the biggest offender [...] Read More »

This Gives Me Hope

Read More »

Build MVVM Applications in F#… or C#

Last month Chris Marinos had an article in MSDN Magazine titled “Build MVVM Applications in F#” I liked it a lot. I jotted down some notes as I read it. My learning processed amused me as I went from WTF… to Hrm… to Oh I see… in a period of about 15 minutes or so. [...] Read More »

Where Windows Is Going

I’ve been stewing for about a day. I did not go to Build Conference. Once I figured out that WinRT is for Metro style apps and ONLY Metro style apps, and I tried to make a call from a .NET … Continue reading Read More »

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