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Mutli-monitor on the go, DisplayLink usb monitor

Now that I’m going to be working for Canonical I’ve got to get ready for some week long sprints. Now, I LOVE my 12″ X201 thinkpad. It’s the best laptop I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned macs, toshibas, dells, and larger thinkpads. When I’m home, I dock and use dual 21″ displays. When I travel, [...] Read More »

Been a good summer, fitness, woodworking, and new job coming soon…

I’m very late on a bunch of weekly status reports, but I’ve got good reason I promise. This summer has been a bit of a “summer of change” for me. Perhaps more renovation than change. First, I decided I was sick of looking and feeling like crap and got into a weight loss program. I’ve [...] Read More »

Bookie weekly status report: Sept 18 2011

Updates this week Slow week. The changes to the fulltext search involved a small bug in updating the tag_str property of the bookmark. I got this fixed and added a migration to rebuilt the tag_str for all bookmarks in the system. The big sign of this was that the edit ui wasn’t showing the tags [...] Read More »

Bookie weekly status report: Sept 7 2011

Updates this week Sorry, I’m late on the weekly report. The holiday weekend threw me off. However, I’ve got good stuff for you. I completed the port of the fulltext search from being database specific to being Whoosh which is pure Python. This should be cool because it reduces code complexity trying to change things [...] Read More »

Bookie status report: Aug 28th 2011

Updates this week With 0.3 out and gone, it’s time to move forward on 0.4 tickets. I started out with the big one, edit/add form ui for bookmarks on the page. This now works and when you’re browsing urls from your page (/{username}/recent) you’ll see a new “E” icon next to the “R” one. You’ll [...] Read More »

Bookie status report: Aug 22 2011 (0.3 yay!)

Updates this week: 0.3 out the door We had to do some hacking of dying limbs to get there, but 0.3 is out the door. This was the biggest release cycle since things started up. However, the features of an API and multi user auth were worth it. There were a ton of small tweaks [...] Read More »

CoffeeHouseCoders Detroit hiring a moving truck

Coffee House Coders is moving Coffee House Coders has been meeting every Wed night for something near two years now. I’ve not been able to find the announcement for the first one. However, starting August 24th (note, that’s a week away, not in two days) we’ll make our first location move. Why? Well, as those [...] Read More »

Bookie status report: Aug 14th 2011

Updates this week Finally, the new and fancy Bookie API is reworked and better than ever. The live running site is updated to use the new api and there’s a new chrome extension that’s update for it as well. Make sure you get the latest dev version of the Chrome extension. With the api updated, [...] Read More »

Bookie status report: Aug 7th 2011

See, I can do these things once a week, I promise! Updates this week Progress this week is all in the api branch. It’s taken some time to figure out just what things are going to look like, and I started with the docs. Lots and lots of docs updates for the api. You can [...] Read More »

Bookie Status Report: Aug 1st 2011

Phew, with PyOhio out of the way and my tutorial done, I can get back to Bookie. Sorry that I missed the last couple of weekly status reports. Honestly, there wasn’t a ton, but there was some work going on. So first, let’s go over what’s been going on. Mobile View I put in a [...] Read More »

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