Interchange: Free eCommerce Package – February 11th, 2003

Tonight’s meeting includes the elections to the MUG board of directors, an introduction to Interchange by Ron Colcernian, current events, and the Unix grab bag.

We’ve got a very busy schedule for the February 2003 meeting.

Lots of great stuff to cover, including:

Current Events – Catch the latest news in the computer industry.

If you have some news you want to talk about, this is a great chance to bring it up for open discussion.

Nominations for the MUG board of directors

The Board of Directors of the Michigan Unix User Group is the group of people who manage the operations of the user group. This includes such things as: Meeting locations, Meeting topics, running the meetings and running the MUG website. If you know someone who wants to be on the MUG board of directors, this is your chance to Nominate that person.

Interchange Free eCommerce package presented by Ron Colcernian.

This is a full featured shopping cart system for commercial websites.

Ron will be showing some of the features of the package, and he will be discussing many of the issues involved in launching an eCommerce site.

Coders Corner – A new monthly feature where we spend a couple of minutes showing a cool feature of a programming language.

Elections for the MUG Board of Directors This is it ! The election where we all decide who will be on the next board of directors. Think about it… You really don’t want to miss this.

Linux Grab Bag – Once again test your Unix/Linux skills by reaching your hand into the bag, and pulling out a random command. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge and have some fun too.