Intellectual Property – August 12th, 2003


Main presentation: Intellectual Property


This will be the 4th meeting in our new location, the Farmington Community Library.

6:00pm Doors open, registration
6:30pm Mug business
6:45pm Main presentation – Configuring a secure website using Apache and SSL by Ron Colcernian.

This presentation will configuring the Apache web server with !OpenSSL to create a secure website. Included will be details on using htaccess, cgi-exec, virtual hosts, file exclusion, and allow/deny features.
7:45pm Current events
8:00pm 2nd presentation – !SpamAssassin by Erick Tyack
SpamAssassin is a spam blocking program that does a great job of blocking most of that annoying spam that is becoming an enormous problem for anyone with an email account.
8:30pm Coders corner / Curious Ron / !QuickTip
8:45pm Meeting adjourns
9:00pm Dinner at a local establishment
After the meeting, everybody is invited to grab dinner at a local restaurant