Meeting – February 10th, 2004


Main presentation: Gentoo by Brian Downey
6:00pm Doors open, registration
6:30pm Mug business
6:45pm Main presentation – Gentoo Linux

Brian Downey will give an overview of Gentoo Linux and its unique Portage
package management system. Also, he’ll be covering some techniques using
Gentoo servers from past experiences.

Brian is involved in the Gentoo project, mostly contributing corrections
and additions to Gentoo’s x86 Installation Guide. Also, he contributes to
the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter. He runs a small Linux-based consulting
business out of Farmington Hills that uses Gentoo exclusively.

8:00pm 2nd presentation

Several things to go over, including highlights of the Linux World Expo that was in New York City in January, and the elections for the 2004 MUG Board of Directors

8:45pm Meeting adjourns
9:00pm Dinner at a local establishment
After the meeting, everybody is invited to grab dinner at a local restaurant