Meeting – April 13th, 2004


Main presentation: KNOPPIX by Jim McQuillan
6:00pm Doors open, registration
6:30pm Mug business
6:45pm Main presentation – KNOPPIX

Jim McQuillan will give an overview of the KNOPPIX Live CD Linux Distribution. KNOPPIX contains an amazing amount of software on a single bootable CD-ROM.

Because KNOPPIX is a Live CD, it will boot the computer without touching the hard drive. This means that it can be used as a recovery CD or as a way of demonstrating the power of Linux, without removing the existing operating system from the hard drive.

KNOPPIX has very good hardware detection routines, and does an excellent job of detecting all of the devices in the system.

KNOPPIX is based on the Debian distribution,
and there is a simple procedure for copying it
to the harddrive. This is a very simple way to
install Debian on your system.

We’ll have several CDs containing the latest
release of KNOPPIX to give away, and if you have
a laptop at the meeting, you can boot from the
CD to see what it is like.

Jim McQuillan is the president of the Michigan
Unix User Group (MUG) and also the founder
of the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)

8:00pm 2nd presentation – Open Discussion

It’s been a long time since we’ve had an open discussion, so we figured this would be a good time to poke the attendees for topics that interest them.

8:45pm Meeting adjourns
9:00pm Dinner at a local establishment
After the meeting, everybody is invited to grab dinner at a local restaurant