Next Meeting – Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

For our main presentation, we have Steve Pierce giving a presentation titled: Wireless Ypsi and why your community needs free WiFi

Steve Pierce founded HDL in 1987, an Internet and web consultancy founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Now living in Ypsilanti, he came to Michigan for true love; his wife moved for a job.

After relocating to Michigan, Steve was a partner inOpAve, one of the first wireless Internet Service providers in Michigan. He relaunched as an email services company and for five years ran With nearly 2 million subscribers it was the second oldest free email service provider behind Hotmail.

Steve launched Wireless Ypsi in January 2008, a free wifi Internet service in Ypsilanti. Since January, Steve has assisted the City of Dearborn, Lincoln Park, Trenton, Wayne County and a number of other communities in deploying similar free wireless networks using the Wireless Ypsi model. Today over 435,000 have used free Internet networks Steve helped design and install.

In 2006, Steve launched, an on-line news journal covering Ypsilanti and the surrounding area. He has also been involved in a number of start-ups (including US1 Internet), has been a consultant and teacher for the military, universities, Department of Energy, and NATO and has worked for a number of major corporations as a network designer and security analyst.

Steve can frequently be seen about town riding on a Segway or his Ford Escape Hybrid. In his spare time, he and his wife Maggie have restored three homes in Ypsilanti including the historically significant Glover House, which was a three year $1 million renovation. He shares his home with two German Shepherds named Dax and Ryker. Yes, he is a Trek fan too.
Elections for the Board of Directors of
We’ll hold the elections for the board of directors at this month’s meeting.

We currently have the following nominations:

  • Jim McQuillan
  • Dave Satwicz
  • Jim Glutting
  • James Hice
  • Gibson Nichols
  • Craig Maloney
  • Will Fuqua

Nominations are open until just before the vote starts at the meeting on the 14th.

Considering the fact that the meeting will conflict with Valentines day, we are trying something new. In addition to the normal voting that will take place at the meeting, we’re also accepting votes submitted via Email.

For paid members that can’t make it to the normal meeting, you can submit your vote for the 6 people you’d like to see on the board of directors in 2012 by sending an email to:

You can submit your vote anytime between now and 18:00:00 EST (That’s 6pm local time) on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012. Any votes received after 6pm on the 14th will not be counted.
And Of course we’ll have some of the other great features you’ve come to enjoy at our meetings, including current events and Job/People seekers.

Hope to see you at 6:30pm on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012.

We are back at the Farmington Community Library (map)
We’ll be in the large auditorium upstairs.