October 10th 2017 – MUG Meeting

Regular MUG Meeting

We meet at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Farmington Community Library.

Topics Include:

How Objects are Stored in Git 

Working with Git can be a bit magical. There's likely parts of Git that you don't understand fully, whether you're entering commands from a cheat sheet or routinely performing three-way merges. What if you could see deeper into how Git works? With this talk Wolf will provide a deeper look into Git’s object database. You will understand how Git stores and organizes snapshots, commits, files, directories, and tags. Understanding how Git handles your data will help you connect the dots when using Git at the higher levels; and diagnose and fix problems when they crop up at the lower levels.

Wolf has been a software engineer for 40 years and spoken on Open Source related topics around the world. He's worked on such varied projects as Mozilla, Final Cut Pro, the Newton, and the SoundDroid. He currently works on K-12 learning software at Cambium Learning Group in Ann Arbor, MI. 

Pain Points: That's not what WHOIS says

We continue this month with our "Pain Points" series; a series focusing on commands and concepts that are often a source of pain for system administrators, developers, and users in general.

This month Mitchell will cover Dig (and a little bit of DNS and Bind). DNS is a key technology to operations of all machines, including Linux and UNIX. Bind's dig utility design is often  misunderstood: The IP address of the server to be queried is obtained from the system's name library unless @ is specified.


Plus we'll have our regular features: Jobs Looking for People, People Looking for Jobs, and much more! We'll also be meeting for dinner after the meeting. 

October 10th, 2017 from  6:30 PM to  8:45 PM
32737 W 12 Mile Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
United States
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