A Tour of Spritely’s next-gen decentralized networking tech ( October 11th, 2022 – MUG Meeting)

Regular MUG Meeting

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Topics Include:

A Tour of Spritely's next-gen decentralized networking tech

Centralization broke community on the Internet. We're here to fix it.

Centralized social media is harmful to society. The Spritely Institute is building a gatekeeper-free decentralized system. Their mission is “social media done right”; to put people in control of their own identity and build the technology that would enable a shift to collaborative and intentional security models prioritizing active consent. To accomplish this, they are building a new architecture for the internet: removing the necessity of client-server architecture, replacing it with a participatory peer-centric model.

Christine Lemmer Webber will give an overview of Spritely. In particular, in this talk we focus on Spritely Goblins, which is a distributed, transactional, time traveling, object-capability-secure programming environment written in Scheme.

Come for a tour of the Spritely Institute's tech!

Christine Lemmer-Webber is CTO of the Spritely Institute, a nonprofit working on next generation free and open source decentralized networking technology to empower communities. She's also co-author of the ActivityPub specification as used by Mastodon, etc.

(Portions of this text are from the Spritely Networked Communities site, released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. license. Modifications: editing text for continuity).

Plus we'll have our regular features: Jobs Looking for People, People Looking for Jobs, and much more!

October 11th, 2022 from  6:30 PM to  8:45 PM