Introduction to the Fediverse February 14th 2023 – MUG Meeting

Regular MUG Meeting

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Topics Include:

Introduction to the Fediverse

The past few months have brought a lot of attention to software like Mastodon and The Fediverse. Apparently billionaires spending money on social networks can get folks really interested in these things. But what exactly is The Fediverse and why should you care? Is the future really decentralized (spoiler: yes, and it has nothing to do with shady currencies and Ponzi Schemes).

Craig Maloney has been on federated platforms since the 2000s (remember He'll start with an ever-so-brief history of The Fediverse, what protocols it uses, a brief overview of software that runs it, and a demonstration of several platforms you can use to experience it for yourself. You'll have everything you need to dive right in to The Fediverse and kiss centralized social networks goodbye. Let that one sink in.

Craig Maloney is a board member of the Michigan!/usr/group. He's also the author of The Mediocre Programmer, and the host of Open Metalcast (a podcast about Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music). By day he programs Python and by night he plays with retro computers like the Atari 2600, Home Computers, and the Atari ST. He's also a game designer of both computer and tabletop games. He is currently writing about himself in the third person. Learn more at



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February 14th, 2023 from  6:30 PM to  8:45 PM