The Go Programming Language August 8th, 2023 – MUG Meeting

Regular MUG Meeting

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Topics Include:

The Go Programming Language

Go (aka golang) is a statically typed and compiled open source programming language.It was initially developed at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson to create a language for modern systems programming that solved real world problems they encountered while building large systems at scale.It also developed into a very good general programming language.

Bill will be giving an overview of the Go programming language and its many benefits.

Bill Allie has been working with computers and in I.T. since the early 1970s.He has work with micro-computers (8080, Z80), mini-computers (General Automation, DEC PDP-11), mainframes (although he disavows and knowledge of them).He has worked as a programmer (BASIC, FORTRAN, many different assemblers, PL-1, COBOL, Java, C, Python, USCD Pascal, golang) and as a System Administrator for UNIX based systems and as operational support for many systems in General Motors.He is currently retired from General Motors and working on various projects that are of interest to him.


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August 8th, 2023 from  6:30 PM to  8:45 PM