AlmaLinux February 13th 2024 – MUG Meeting

Regular MUG Meeting

Visit for details on how to participate in the meeting (links, phone numbers, and Youtube Streaming).

Topics Include:


If you've been paying attention to what's been happening with CentOS lately you'll now doubt notice there's been some activity in this space. Red Hat has decided to turn deprecate CentOS in favor of CentOS Stream. Several forks of the original CentOS distribution emerged, the most notable being Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux. benny Vasquez will present on where AlmaLinux came from, how the foundation was formed, what is next for us and how to get involved. You won't want to miss this.

benny’s a Michigan native who got her tech start in webhosting at LiquidWeb, and has been helping companies connect to developers for the last 10 years.

Plus we'll have our regular features: Jobs Looking for People, People Looking for Jobs, and much more!

February 13th, 2024 from  6:30 PM to  8:45 PM