An Introduction to JSP and Struts – October 8th, 2002

Main Presentation: An Introduction to JSP and Struts
Billy G. Allie

Mini presentation: Introduction to IP Routing
Jim McQuillan

Tonights presentation is an introduction to the Struts framework for developing web based applications. Struts is a product of the Jakarta Project at the Apache Software Foundation.

Jim McQuillan, Mug president, will be talking about routing IP packets between subnets. This is just an introduction to routing, so if you’ve been curious how to setup and view routes, and why you need them, this should be a good place to start.

Potpourri – September 10th, 2002

Main presentation: Customizing the Look-n-Feel of Mozilla
Wolf (mozilla developer)

Mini presentation: email virus scanning on Linux
Erick Tyack

Wolf is one of the few developers who actually gets paid to work on Mozilla. He’s given talks for us in the past, and we’re happy to have him back to discuss customizing the look and feel of the Mozilla browser.

Erick Tyack is a local consultant, and a member of MUG. We are happy to have him back to discuss setting up an email virus scanner in a Linux/Unix environment.

Panic to Profit: My Journey with PHP and PostgreSQL – August 6th, 2002

Lonny Granstrom will be giving a talk titled:

Panic to Profit: My Journey with PHP and PostgreSQL

Also, Jim Glutting will be giving a demonstration and talk about an internet appliance called the ‘Instagate’ from eSoft. Jim recently setup a couple of these for a customer to create a VPN between to offices

What is PHP and PostgreSQL?

That was my first question in November 2001, when I was asked to help create a website to help doctors place, Medicare acceptable, orders for medical equipment/supplies for their patients.

In late April 2002 the website launched… PHP, running as an Apache webserver module, controls the dynamic creation if all webpage content, including connections and data transfers with the database. PostgreSQL is the RDBMS. PHPLib, a PHP Class library available
on SourceForge, was used as the backbone for session management, user login security, and webpage HTML templates. PHPLib also uses PostgreSQL.

Topics relating to the website functionality will include:

  1. Configuration of PHP and Apache for improving security;
  2. Session Management with PHPLib, or PHP in general;
  3. Templates for page construction, including Class generation of HTML Elements;
  4. Class-based generation of !PostgreSQL SQL statements;
  5. Database connections and coding practices in a CVS environment;
  6. HTML GET and POST Form variable passing; and,
  7. Record set transaction control with historical record retention.

Ogg Vorbis – June 11th, 2002

The June 2002 meeting will feature a presentation on Ogg Vorbis by Carsten Haese of Unique Systems.

Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, royalty-free, general-purpose audio codec with all the benefits of Open Source.

Carsten’s presentation will cover the following aspects:

  • A brief history of Ogg Vorbis
  • Ogg Vorbis’s features and its benefits over other codecs, e.g. MP3
  • How to use Ogg Vorbis on GNU/Linux and other platforms

More information about Ogg Vorbis can be found on the Official Ogg Vorbis Website