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finding files by date

I got tired of looking this up every time, and I’ve not seen anyone write about this specific use case. When dealing with dev servers in the cloud, sometimes I forget the use case for one. I find it useful to be able to find all the changed files on a system by date. find […] Read More »

Book Review: BeagleBone Robotics Projects

I was asked by Packt Publishing if I would read and review this book. I’ve owned a BeagleBoneBlack for a little while now. My use case was not robotics. This book might shed some new light on my old Black, so I agreed to review it. The book starts off very accessible. Chapter 1 covers just […] Read More »

Blocking Unwanted Internet Traffic 101

I recently came across this very suggestion on serverfault which starts with blocking spoofed packets. I’m addressing on the first block of rules here. http://serverfault.com/a/410618/79028 It is a simple iptables ruleset which blocks most of the common rfc1918 addresses. You have probably heard of these, the 10/8, 192.168/16 and 172.16/12 address ranges. What might be […] Read More »

zlib stream python oneliner

I ran across a zlib stream, which is like a gzip file, but without the gzip header. I wanted to decompress it and piping through gunzip doesn’t work because of the missing header. Python to the rescue! | python -c ‘import sys,zlib;print zlib.decompress(sys.stdin.read())’ That was easy. Read More »

Converting your existing ssh rsa key for use with Windows Azure

Oh Microsoft, it seems like you make simple things complex. I could not find anything on converting an existing ssh key for use with Azure. Once I figured out what was needed and the commands available to me, it was easy. It only took me hours of fiddling with ssh-keygen and openssl. The magic was […] Read More »

Jay R. Wren – lazy dawg evarlast 2013-07-29 10:05:39

I recently read a post by someone lamenting the thanklessness a programmer gets. I once worked in IT where services are really considered a utility. No one calls the utility company unless there is a problem. Have you ever called your electric, phone, or gas company to thank them for the great service? I didn’t […] Read More »

git svn terrible trouble

I use git svn. I recently somehow (I do not recall) put git svn into a strange state. The symptom was that from master, git svn info would show a branch to which I once committed instead of trunk. I could not figure this out. My solution was to rm -rf .git/svn/ ; git svn […] Read More »

xpath from command line

I’m curious how often someone has written the equivalent of this. I wonder why there isn’t just some tool, and yes, I’ve used xmllint shell to do the same thing. 1 using System; 2 using System.Xml; 3 4 public class Program { 5 public static int Main(string[] args) { 6 var doc = new XmlDocument(); […] Read More »

When Reversing the Interview Process becomes How Would You Do Fun Things in C

My boss’s boss’s pals wrote this: http://blog.exodusintel.com/2012/09/18/reversing-the-interview-process/ Its a story about how someone was asked a crazy fun C question in an interview and how the new team decided to try it. After reading this and discussing it with coworkers, I decided to try it and of course the first thing that came to my […] Read More »

Installing iWork09 from CD without a Mac

You’d think you could just use Apple’s nice CD Sharing program, aka Remote Disc http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1777?viewlocale=en_US But sadly, the iWork09 CD is not an iso9660 disc. Instead it has an Apple style partition table, which was not readable by fdisk and crashed parted in linux, with an HFS+ filesystem. When you insert the disc into a […] Read More »

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