Meeting – December 9th, 2003


Main presentation: Perl by Pandu Rao
6:00pm Doors open, registration
6:30pm Mug business
6:45pm Main presentation – Perl by Pandu Rao

Pandu will be presenting on using Perl. Arguably the most popular interpreted programming language, Perl is widely used for system administration and CGI programming among other things. Pandu will run through the basics of Perl for beginners. He will then talk about data manipulation and regular expressions, and possibly some advanced features as time permits.

8:00pm 2nd presentation – 2003, the year in review
This is a chance to review all the exciting events that took place in the last year.
8:45pm Meeting adjourns
9:00pm Dinner at a local establishment
After the meeting, everybody is invited to grab dinner at a local restaurant

You can find a link to Pandu’s presentation here.