Meeting – March 8th, 2011

Main Topic: Creating a Podcast

Craig Maloney will give us another of his awesome presentations.

Ever thought about podcasting, but not sure where to start? Craig Maloney will demonstrate how he puts together his audio podcast “Open Metalcast”, using Ubuntu Linux, Audacity, and a USB microphone. This will be the podcast that will be released as episode #16. Craig will also answer questions about how he uses WordPress to distribute the files, pitfalls over licensing, and ways to promote your show once you’ve recorded it. He’ll also present some tips and tricks for getting the best quality for your podcast.

Meeting – February 8th, 2011

Main Topic: Agile CMMI: Driving Radical Change in your organization

Why do we resist change? Why is “process” a dirty word in software development? Why can’t you just leave me alone so I can write software?
In an industry that is becoming progressively more competitive and lean the process used to develop systems and software is the last frontier for competitive advantage. No longer is one country or culture dominating the software profession. Similar education, technologies, infrastructure, and skills are available to all corners of the world, but innovative and useful processes that harness these resources effectively have eluded all but a handful of organizations.

With their high-failure rates, high cost, and over-reliance on mountains of documentation, over complicated and ill-deployed processes have soured the industry on processes based on models such as CMMI, ITIL, ISO, and SPICE. But the success or failure of the systems development process doesn’t lie in these source models, but in the interpretation and deployment of processes based on those models, and this distinction can make the difference between a vibrant and innovative company and one that is struggling for survival.

The application of agile methods to the development of software and systems has revolutionized the industry, but consistency, predictability, and repeatability still have not been realized by most engineering and IT organizations. The CMMI provides an excellent model for the integration of agility with disciplined structure that will address these business needs, but the method used to develop such an approach has never materialized.
His presentation will summarize research conducted while co-authoring the SEI technical Note “CMMI or Agile: Why not Embrace Both?!” and will discuss the reasons for the perceived conflict between agile and CMMI, the science behind radical change, along with some surprising findings and solutions.

Engineering Society of Detroit Membership

Lori Birman is the membership director for the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD). This month, Lori will give us a brief presentation on the benefits of being a member of the ESD.
MUG is now an affiliate member of the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD). As an affiliate, our members are entitled to become members of the ESD. We had scheduled to have Lori Birman at the February meeting to introduce us to the ESD and explain the benefits. Unfortunately, Lori has a scheduling conflict this month and has agreed to present at our March 8th meeting.

Election for the MUG board of directors

At this months meeting (weather permitting), we’ll be holding elections for the board of directors. At the January 11th meeting, we opened the nomination period. Currently, the following people have been nominated:

  • Will Fuqua
  • Jim Glutting
  • James Hice
  • Craig Maloney
  • Jim McQuillan
  • Gibson Nichols
  • Dave Satwicz
  • Dick Williams

The nomination period will remain open until just before the elections on Tuesday, February 8th. If you or someone you know would like to help drive the direction of MUG, please consider submitting a nomination.

Meeting – January 11th, 2011

New Location!

Command of the month: netcat

Dave Satwicz will be covering the netcat command this month. Netcat is often referred to as a “Swiss-army knife for TCP/IP.” Its list of features includes port scanning, transferring files, and port listening, and it can be used as a backdoor.

Nomination for the board of directors

At the February 8th meeting (weather permitting), we’ll be holding elections for the board of directors. At the January 11th meeting, we’ll officially accept nominations for candidates to the board. If you or someone you know would like to help drive the direction of MUG, please consider submitting a nomination.

Meeting – December 14th, 2010

LAST meeting at this location!
Starting with the January 2011 the MUG meetings will be held at:

Engineering Society of Detroit
20700 Civic Center Drive
Fourth floor, Suite 450
Southfield, MI 48076

Main Topic: LinuxTV

Devin Heitmueller will be talking about LinuxTV, which is an open source project dedicated to making TV and video capture work well under Linux. This talk will cover the current state of hardware support, the various applications out there, and how you too can watch HD television being freely transmitted over the air. Break free from the crummy DVR your cable company is charging you fifteen bucks a month for!

Devin has been an active contributor to the Linux kernel
since 2007, focusing primarily on the media subsystem. He has also contributed patches to a variety of other projects including Wireshark, Perl core, Kaffeine, and !MythTV. He currently works at a popular TV tuner manufacturer but has previously held positions as a Linux kernel maintainer for embedded security products, designing ISDN terminal adapters and IP routing hardware for 3Com, and working at
Lucent Bell Laboratories.

Secondary Topic: IPMI – Intelligent Platform Management Interface

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification is an Intel-led standard that defines a set of common interfaces to a computer system that system administrators can use to monitor system health and manage the system. More than two hundred companies support IPMI. Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corporation, and NEC Corporation announced IPMI v1.0 on 1998-09-16, v1.5 on 2001-03-01, and v2.0 on 2004-02-14. The technology is now considered a de-facto standard

Jim McQuillan will give an overview of the technology, how to configure it, and a demonstration of some very useful tricks with IPMI, including running a remote console and monitoring temperature sensors.

Command of the month: netcat

Dave Satwicz will be covering the netcat command this month. Netcat is often referred to as a “Swiss-army knife for TCP/IP.” Its list of features includes port scanning, transferring files, and port listening, and it can be used as a backdoor.

Meeting – November 9th, 2010

Main Topic: Linux gaming

Fun and Games with Craig Maloney

Think Linux gaming is Frozen Bubble and Quake clones? Think
again. Craig will show some of the more recent games available
for Linux, with a quick demo of each of them.

Secondary Topic: The new MUG web site.

Will Fuqua has been working on bringing the MUG web site out of the 80’s. He’ll show off state of nation, um site. While he’s at it we can also pick his brain about what he’s using to make it happen.

Command of the month: netstat

Did you ever want to know what network connections are active on your system? How about knowing what services are listening, waiting for incoming connections?
In this month’s Unix Command Line session *_Jim Glutting_* will give us an introduction to netstat. An extremely useful tool for seeing what’s happening on your network.

Meeting – October 12th, 2010

Main Topic: VMware

Robert J Tessanne Jr, Senior Systems Architect/Engineer at Red Level Networks, will be discussing Virtualization utilizing the VMware vSphere product and Storage Virtualization using !DataCore technologies. Because centralized storage is the key to a successful virtualization project, presentation topics will also include VMware vSphere 4.x technologies as well as !DataCore’s SANmelody High Availability virtual storage solution.

Robert J Tessanne Jr is a Senior Systems Architect/Engineer with over 16 years of experience in the IT business with industry certifications from Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Citrix, !DataCore and more. Currently, Robert works at Red Level Networks in Novi, MI providing IT solutions to over 350 clients such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Belle Tire, Saginaw Intermediate School District and many others. Robert works with all platforms in virtualization by designing, managing and implementing the solutions, while training the client on the solution and supporting the solution after it has been deployed.

Secondary Topic: Google command line tools

Google has developed a set of command-line utilities for interacting with many of their on-line services. This month, Rick Harding has offered to give us a peek at those tools.

Command of the month: netstat

Mug member Jim Glutting will be showing us the awesomeness of the netstat utility for analyzing how your system is interacting with your network.

Meeting – September 14th, 2010

Main Topic: DD-WRT

DD-WRT is a Linux based solution designed to replace the firmware that ships pre-installed for several wireless routers, most notably the Linksys WRT54G (including the WRT54GL and WRT54GS). Scott Moser will give an overview and demonstration, hopefully covering some of its features and convincing you to want to run one at home.

Secondary Topic: Tethering

Then we will have Duane Brown demonstrating how he’s tethered his laptop to his droid and then discuss other options. Is this available to BlackBerry users? What about iPhone owners?

Meeting – August 10th, 2010

Meeting Topic: Small, Local Server Network Administration, What, How, and Why

If you ever go to set up a small local server, even for home use, there are many items that need to be attended to. We will touch on as many of these as we can, limited only by time and by participants willing to contribute.

For each topic the discussion should include a statement of just what the item is, why you need it, where it is configured or managed, and an example of the settings.

At this time the list of topics and topics leaders is as follows.

  • DNS – Jim McQuillan
  • DHCP – Jim Glutting
  • CUPS – Jim McQuillan
  • Apache Web Server – Gibson Nichols
  • Firewall
  • IP Tables
  • Mail Server, Postfix or?
  • NFS
  • Edifax

We are looking for volunteers to lead some of the sessions. Please feel free, encouraged, to add to the list and to volunteer to lead a topic. We envision a 10 to 15 minute session. You do not need to be an expert. Many in the group can supply detail to almost any topic.

Meeting – January 8th, 2008

Topic: Lightening Talks

  • RSS – Rick Harding
  • WiMax – Gib (Gibson Nichols)
  • MythTV – Chris
  • Something – Mark Ramm
  • XO computer – Dave Satwitz, Jim Gluting
  • cellular internet – tell us your experiences
  • LaunchPad – Rick Harding may be standing in for Jorge Castro as Jorge is out of town
  • in place Upgrading your Ubuntu – Duane reports his experience on going from 6.06LTS to 7.10 on his desktop and laptop
  • State of the art personal media devices – Duane can tell us about his Archos 605 with wifi, looking for other spokespersons